Friday, January 28, 2011

Now We're Legal!

Because the state business license came! So the shop is open (linky to the right!) and my fun-with-fiber is officially a business! It is very exciting and scary at the same time. Thank goodness for the Phatfiber community and fellow Ravelers ( are all very supportive! And of, course, my DH who regards this whole fiber thing as insanity, but harmless insanity!

So there is awesome fiber in the shop. And this week I have attacked the fiber that has been languishing on my wheel and spindles forever.
First, Chocolate Mint alpaca/bamboo (from two-ply:

Then, Roses in the Snow BFL from Enchanted Knoll Farms. I N-plied this to keep the beautiful colors changes and avoid striping:

Last, but not least, three of the samples I submitted for the February Phatfiber box in jewel colors - my favorite colors! A couple of full-size sets of fiber will be in the shop in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Boldly Go...

where I've always wanted to go! This is the inauguration post for Heavenly Fiber, my new enterprise. Since our move and the closing of the contract under which I worked as a simulator operator for the Air Force Navigation Training Squadron, I have been at home full time. This is a real novelty for me. I have had very little solo time at home and the ability to do exactly what I want is both strange and welcome! So, now I am working with fiber and learning as I go. 

As the proud owner of a spinning wheel (Queen Mab, a Kromski Sonata) I have been exploring the types of fibers I like to spin. I've found that the preparation of the fiber is extremely important, as is the color selection. After spending several months playing with dyeing, blending and spinning fibers, I decided to start my own shop to expand my fiber explorations. Since there is no way to spin all the fiber myself, I will be playing and creating and then selling the goodies on Etsy.

Soooo...Heavenly Fiber is born..of a desire to play with fiber and still be able to live in our house. (Although fiber is a great insulator, we do have to be able to move from room to room... and there is a limit to my husband's patience!)

First offerings in the shop:

Ron's First Spell: Sunshine daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow! Of course it didn't work, but it makes a bright sunny set of fiber nests! Bright yellow and gray Merino, firestar, Blue Face Leicester, and a tiny bit of bamboo.

We Don't Know: There is to be a new baby in the family this summer. But Mom and Dad aren't sharing with anyone whether the baby is a boy or a girl! So this colorway is a blend of blue, pink and gray for the ultrasound that lets them, but not us, know! Merino, bamboo, and firestar.

Sophie's Rainbow: Sophie is two and a half years old. Although she knows all the colors of the rainbow by name, there are only a few that she considers worthy of identification every time she is asked. So this colorway consists of the colors Sophie thinks are the most worthy of notice - purple and pink - with a few other colors peeking through! Merino and firestar with bamboo and silk for sheen.

For now, the shop is on vacation but it will open as soon as possible. Meanwhile enjoy the eye-candy!