Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Baaaack...

New Year's resolutions - easy to make and hard to keep! My resolution,besides learning Russian, losing weight, and supporting us on my fiber (hah!) was to blog regularly...hmmm didn't work out so well, did it? Anyway, here I am, back again.

It has been unseasonably warm and the roses have started to bloom. I haven't the heart to tell them that the last freeze date is sometime int he middle of February. If it gets cold, I'll cut the blooms and bring them in. Mr. Lincoln can smell up the whole house with the most wonderful old - rose fragrance!

Visitor: after we took down the wreath in front of the porch, we found a lovely little surprise:
He is clinging to the side of the railing and made all the defensive postures to let us know that he was ready, willing and able to take us on - at three inches long! I hope he stays around and eats bugs!

I have been busy with fiber, contributing to the Phatfiber Sample box this month and already working on the samples for February. The theme is Ladies Boudoir - I'm using the ladies boudoir at Warwick Castle as the inspiration and dyeing and blending gold and soft green with white and brown.  So far it looks good. When it dries completely there will be pictures.

Fiber for January:
Seattle Skies:

Orchid - January Phatfiber

Gazing at Stars

A Cunning Hat

Barely There

Next time - knitting...

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