Friday, February 4, 2011

The Worst Idea EVER!!!

At least that is Snip's idea about the winter weather here in the DFW area! He is barely six pounds and the six inches of snow we got last night come up to his side.
I carefully cleared off an area for him and Toby to go "do their business" in. They just as carefully ignored it and plowed into the deep snow to find the perfect spot. Go figure!!! When he came in, Snip found a warm spot and doesn't look like he is going to move for the rest of the day:

The snow is beautiful, but covers a really treacherous two inch thick layer of ice. We are staying inside for the duration. Good thing there is knitting and old movies on TV! I finished the mitts for Kirsten. The Cascade Cloud 9 yarn is really yummy to work with and should be extremely warm. I just wish I had some way to get them to her so she could be wearing them this weekend! The color matches her eyes exactly!

There are two hats waiting to be done for her friends, but I didn't bring the right size needles for them, so I am working on:
Saartje's Bootees for Angelika (Fleegle's version worked in the round)

And the dress for Sophie's new baby sister (coming in June!):
The yarn is a hand-dyed fingering weight from in the colorway Rose Garden, soft pinks and greens and really nicely blended. The pattern is Clara by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen It looks a lot harder than it really is and is working up nicely. I just hope I have enough yarn!

So, I have plenty to do. Sit by the fire, knit, drink hot tea, and enjoy this time with my parents. I'll be back to blending fiber soon, but in the meantime we are watching the cardinals and staying warm.

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